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Color of Money

I know you don't have a lot of time to read through a long blog post, so let's get to the point. There are two classes of money: big money and little money. Little money is metallic; silver, gold and copper. It's the coins that jingle around in your change purse or pocket. Big money is white; the color of paper money, written contracts and checks.

Here in the USA, green is often thought of as the color of money. Oddly enough, when we visit other countries, we discover they don't necessarily have the same color of green money. Some countries have very colorful money. A google search for international currency image brings many beautiful photographs of money in many different and vibrant shades of the colors of red, orange, gold, green, blue, and purple.

And, yet, one thing all these bigger international currencies have in common is the white paper they are printed on. Indeed, white is the color of big money all around the world, and when money from international clients arrives in my PayPal account (accessed via a white text field in my browser) it spends just as good as the old greenbacks ever did.

Just for today, maybe I won't think of money as being so much green. Green is, after all, a color associated with envy as much as it's associated with growth. White, in contrast, is a color of divine aspirations, thinking in the clouds, and light coming from a higher power. White, truly, can also be a color of money.

Maybe I'll think about that today, as I wear a white shirt, turn on a white led bulb, and type these words on a white page.

Angelite Gemstone Plate!

I now have an angelite plate to assist in channeling higher vibrations. Angelite is a natural crystal that is believed to attract calming, higher energies.

According to The Crystal Vaults, Angelite's metaphysical properties assist in solidifying temporary situations. This may be an asset for people who desire stability on a current job, or energies to recognize and remember reaching an important goal.

This angelite beauty was found at a local rock and mining shop in the High Desert, along with a wonderful assortment of smaller stones I have placed in a crystal grid before empowering it with Reiki symbols.

The angelite plate is set into a crystal grid in a star hexagram pattern during the waxing gibbous moon, and will stay in a grid during the full moon and afterwards for total of twelve days to symbolize every month of the year.

At the end of the twelve days, in time for monthly distance sessions, the angelite plate will be empowered with the traditional Usui Reiki symbols. It will then be ready to represent the attraction of higher energies.

Gemstone grid with Angelite plate, Hematite, Clear Quartz, Aventurine and Citrine

The hexagram star is a two-dimensional representation of the merkaba symbol of balance. Hematite, a grounding and protective stone associated with magnetic energies, is placed around the angelite in this pattern to balance higher energies with the earth plane.

Next, clear quartz is placed at the three points beyond the hematite, in a pyramidal triangular pattern, for stability, security and balance. Clear quartz is a powerful crystal that has traditionally been used in everyday objects like radios and watches. Its presence in the grid is to empower its use for the higher good.

Aventurine is placed at two points to the upper left and the upper right. Aventurine is a green stone that represents gentle growth and prosperity, and is believed to balance energies on all levels, to promote confidence and leadership qualities.

Citrine, a stone of wealth, is placed at the lowest point in the grid, forming an inverted triangle with the two aventurine above. An inverted triangle may symbolize a cup to be filled or a funnel of receiving. Citrine is a stone that has a valuable and unique quality that transmutes negative energy.


Mining Supplies and Rock Shop

Love is in the Earth by Melody

Crystal Vaults Angelite Egg
crystalvaults . com/920282

sagegoddess . com

Peace of 2000

It was a beautiful day, one spring day in 2000. I was living in the only two-story rental house on a street in Santa Ana, and some of the neighbor girls clambered up the rickety wooden stairs and played on the porch. From that view, it seemed you could see for miles. Whatever a mile is to a little girl. Three, four, five houses or more, all the way down the street. Bird's eye view.

I didn't notice at first, that I had some visitors on the porch, and it really didn't matter that they had chosen my second story view to enact whatever scene they were playing at the time. The community had neighborhood watch, and what with all the professional housewives on the scene, I was pretty sure someone had a clue where the kids could be found. As for me, I kept to myself.

Single white girl in a Latino neighborhood, and living in the tallest house on the block. For one of the last peaceful periods in the lives of many of us, my status as a respected neighbor was secure. Someone kept a rooster, who gave the alert when it was time to wake up. We all woke up together, regardless of who was on what shift. It was just that kind of neighborhood. Nice. Safe. Pleasant.

I didn't notice the doll until nearly dark. One of the neighbor girls must have left her. Little baby doll, wrapped up in a striped brown blanket, tan skin and eyes that close when she lay down. I felt sure the girl would miss her. But, in the afternoon's adventure, would she remember where she left her? Surely, I did not know how to return the doll, and it was getting dark. I chose to bring her inside.

Silly, I thought at the time. It's a doll. A child's toy. Plastic, fabric and made in a factory no doubt. Not an expensive doll, but what child cares the price of her toys? I felt strange, me who was adult enough to have my own house, bringing a child's baby doll in out of the darkness. What would it matter to a toy? A toy has no soul, no real life. Maybe I should have left it on the porch, to be found tomorrow.

But the little girl did not return. Did she forget her doll? Did she forget where she had been? Was she upset when she returned to her own home and realized the doll was gone? I had no clue where she lived, nor did I know who might have a clue. Although most of the families had English speakers in the home, the houses were secure behind tall wrought iron fences, with large dogs in the yards.

I never had a baby doll as a child. My mother did not particularly believe in such things. A girl should pursue her own interests; women can have careers these days. We don't need to be attached to a baby when we're only just out of babyhood ourselves, as little girls. I, the serious-minded child, wanted to be a paleontologist. My toys were dinosaurs, model kits, and shrink-and-grow devices.

A baby doll? Not in my mother's house, no not mine. The first baby doll I ever touched, in my entire life, was that little girl's toy, left on my porch in the Spring of 2000. Maybe I should have taken it to my Latina neighbor's house. She had a little girl. Maybe she would know who lost it. Or, perhaps, best to leave it as is. Why alert the mothers in the neighborhood when there was no safety issue at all?

Not having much experience with little girls (except the little girl within me) nor with mothers, families and their kids toys, I just decided to let the doll stay inside my house until I heard more. And, actually, I never did hear more. Maybe the girl got another baby doll. Maybe she decided to play with other toys. Who knows? Maybe she wanted a career when she grew up; to have a job like I did.

I'll never know. Because she never came back to play on my porch. The baby doll I rescued from one night in the dark never left my home. Somehow, when it was time to move to another rental, the doll got packed in a box with the rest of my stuff. I had help packing. I don't remember packing her myself, and when I unpacked my boxes, there she was. Just like when she was left on my porch.

I wasn't on the same street anymore. I was not in a house either. I was in a sweet little apartment with a yard, some dirt, and a hose bib. A place where I could let my dog play, grow a garden, and have some privacy. Me, my dog, my stuff...and some little girl's baby doll. A doll that she, apparently, thought so little of that she left her on a stranger's porch. And not just any stranger. A white girl.

At this point, the doll couldn't be returned to the old neighborhood. If I didn't know who to talk to then, I sure didn't know now. Although, sometimes, I still drive through those streets in that part of town. It still feels just as nice, just as safe, just as much like I'm a lighter shade of the same families that lived there for so many years. And why not? Am I not a little girl's future child's Godmother?

Today I noticed that I've had that baby doll for 18 years. She's not a little girl anymore. She's a woman in her twenties. I'll bet she's a beauty and married to someone who loves her. She probably has a little girl of her own. Maybe a few of them. I wish her well, despite that I didn't ever have kids myself. Because, actually, in a spiritual sense I guess I did have a kid. A little girl. Someone to love.

Why I'm Willing to Give Reiki of Money the Benefit of the doubt.

Recently I added Reiki of Money to the metaphysical services I offer clients. I offer services to clients from a distance, and also practice it in person for myself and my own use.

Wednesday, the mid-point of the week, has been my preferred day to perform Reiki of Money. Traditionally, it's the day of Mercury; an ancient mythological Roman deity associated with commerce, communication, business contracts, and healing. I particularly enjoy performing Reiki of Money alongside traditional Usui Reiki because of the Usui technique's built-in ethics, which appear to help the reputation of the practice.

This week, as usual, I performed Wednesday Reiki of Money practice. I awoke the next morning, and checked my Thursday emails. I was alerted to a new transaction with some stocks that I had purchased a few years ago, and which I had been trying to get rid off since 2016. I checked into the trading website, and sure enough all my unwanted stocks had sold.

It was one of those rare moments of business ecstasy. YESSSSS!!! I cheered. I celebrated. I was walking on air for a few hours on Thursday. It was a Thursday to remember. A Thursday of Thursdays.

It was the Thursday that VBIO's penny stock rose to over $2.00 a share, and I was finally rid of them. Gone. History. I posted on facebook, I cheered on my Reiki of Money clients. And I wondered maybe, just maybe, this Reiki of Money thing might actually work in the real world. I still offer metaphysical services as entertainment, but what if?

Why was I so glad to get rid of VBIO stock this week? It's not because I made a lot of money. I made a little money, sure. I didn't sell at a loss, which was my final decision.

I never actually bought VBIO stocks. I invested in STVF. Stevia First was a company which supported the miraculous, zero-calorie naturally sweet plant.

Why didn't I invest in VBIO, a company involved in cannabinoids? I didn't invest in that because I'm not "into" cannabinoids. I don't even smoke pot. I am one of those rare individuals who don't like marijuana. I honesty don't. Even the people I used to know, who smoked pot at the time, would tell you the same. I don't smoke anything.

So how did I acquire over 1000 shares of VBIO?

It's because, believe it or not, I invested in STVF; a company dedicated to the growing of the stevia plant and making it marketable to companies that use sugar. At some point in time, shares went down to 30 cents each. So I bought a ton of them, thinking it was so cool at the time.

unfortunately, things changed soon thereafter

STVF decided not to support stevia production anymore, and changed its stock symbol to VBIO.

It also changed the complete concept of the company from stevia production, and using the processes the company learned from stevia production to...yep, you guessed it...supporting that boring, over-talked-about, not-to-mention still federally illegal "Mary Jane".

Do you feel that sinking feeling? I know I did...when I tried to get more STVF stock and found that my online investment company no longer recognized the stock symbol. Instead, the online dashboard showed I owned over 1000 shares of VBIO. I didn't know what was going on.

Maybe STVF sent around an email...and you know how company emails sometimes wind up in spam. Maybe they didn't send out an email until later. I don't know how to prove whether regular stockholders like me were consulted. Anyway, I didn't have actual knowledge of the proposed change in time to get my money out before it happened.

After searching around online to determine what was going on, I saw something on the company website stating that the stock holders had approved it.

At first I thought, okay, I guess it's above my head...as usual. I don't really have a huge say in what corporations decide. And then I realized...hey, I'm a stock holder. I didn't approve anything like this. I felt tricked into supporting a company that was lying to me...and to all the other stockholders who, like me, weren't asked for approval in advance.

So, there I was, stuck with over 1000 shares of VBIO. I wanted to support stevia production...and I can't stand marijuana.

I was, truly, glad the stocks went up to $2 a share for a day. I don't care whether the stocks skyrocket or whether they tank at this point. I don't want to make millions on pot. I do have my standards.

I'm just glad I'm out of it. And a little money ahead. Not much. Just a little.

Now I have 33 shares of Ford stock. Sure, I'd rather support stevia production than an automobile company, but I do drive occasionally. Ford shares were at a really low price, and I like my Ford Focus. It's a very reliable car. Yes, I know it's not a "green" solution. But, seriously, pot-minded corporations are enough to turn me off green. At least for one day.

No forward-looking statements included in the above. Just my experiences and my opinions as a home-based amateur investor.


STVF:US Vitality Biopharma Inc at Blomberg
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Vitality Biopharma Name Change and Corporate Actions Receive Shareholder Approval
JULY 19, 2016
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Nosce te Ipsum for HRH Duchess of Sussex #HappyBirthdayHRH

Because HRH Duchess of Sussex and I were born within 33 miles of each other in the Los Angeles area of California and within 44 minutes of the same time in the morning, her background is somewhat interesting to me, and also because it happens to be her birthday today, I would like to have a try at a bit of Nosce te Ipsum Research with her birthdate and birth time:

August 4th and time of birth 4:46 am

For more about Nosce te Ipsum Research Reports, and how you may order one for yourself, please see my blog post Nosce te Ipsum: Know Thyself.


HRH Duchess of Sussex's physical guardian angel is 27 Yerathel.

Her emotional guardian angel is 66 Manakel

Her spiritual guardian angel, according to my tables (online tables may be different) is 15 Hariel *interesting!*

Each of these guardian angels presides over a daemon, these daemons being

physical element: 27 Ronove

emotional element: 66 Cimeries (fun fact: perhaps a conflation of the Egyptian deity Khepera)

spiritual element: 15 Eligos

Each of these guardian angels and daemons have certain talents; things they are good at doing. I'll look into that later...now I'm merely gathering information.

So, above all of these talented beings are the Archangels...the bosses who take care of business, keep things under control, manage the scene...the parent figures, so to speak. Each Archangel manages a company/family/choir/city/shire...whatever you wish to call it. A definable unit of governance.

So the physical element (27) is within the choir of the Dominations, which is managed by Archangel Zadkiel.

The emotional element (66) is within the choir of the Angels, which is managed by Gabriel (fun fact: Archangel of the west...HRH Duchess of Sussex is from the west coast USA, and Gabriel is one of the few Archangels who is actually recognized by contemporary Abrahamic religions)

The spiritual element (15) is within the choir of the Cherubim, which is managed by Raziel.

Of all these entities, only her emotional element is being highlighted with a "regular" Archangel. The rest of the crew are more of an elite, non-churchy sort of spiritual being.


Let's start with her physical daemon. Some people are absolutely fascinated with daemons, heaven knows why...27 Ronove...online resources state that he is a monstrously unattractive sort of guy who is educated in linguistics and art; a loyal sort who does his best to be friendly to everyone. Don't we all know someone like that? Who might this represent to HRH?

Daemons, we are told, have talents, and they are attracted to certain things. I have one (1) daemonic resource; Gallery of Magick's Gordon Winterfield has produced Demons of Magick ("DoM" to followers of "GoM"), which is the only offline daemonic text I reference at all.

According to DoM, Ronove is all about charisma and charm; allowing a person to receive and be trusted based on these personality traits. As a physical daemon, these personality traits come into play on the most basic levels of survival.

Guardian Angel

Now for the physical guardian angel...I have several resources for this, because I particularly appreciate angelic energies at this level. I also feel that many of the ancient deities correspond to energies that work at a level of personal guardianship. (The Roman Fortuna, for example, is one I've found myself personally bonded with, at an energetic level similar to Guardian Angels)

HRH's physical guardian angel 27 is Yerathel. There are various spellings of angelic names, and a quick search online will reveal this. The talents of Yerathel are writing, finding fame through writing and spreading knowledge through writing.

In another resource, we also may see Yerathel involved with sociology, philosophy and/or economics. Yerathel represents optimism and open-mindedness, as well self control in difficult situations.

A third resource (from Spain) provides some details about Yerathel:

Yerathel's angelic planet is Jupiter, and the symbol is the astrological symbol of the planet Jupiter (the one which looks a little like the number 4). The color is dark blue. The element is fire, astrological sign of Leo, whose color is yellow, with something written in Spanish, which is "google" translated as:

career, freedom from enemies, harmony between the divine and the human, progress in communion with others (communion is defined as the sharing or exchanging of intimate thoughts and feelings, especially on a mental or spiritual level), order imposed on chaos, ability to forgive, success, luck in games.

I have at least one other resource for guardian angels which gives Yerethial's talents, as Yeret, being an understanding of vows, an ability to make changes and be released from vows, to increase abundance where growth has started and having a sense of personal innate life force.


And, finally, the presiding archangel over the physical: Archangel Zadkiel.

I have several archangel resources, which I have been exploring for a few months. Stewart Pearce has a particularly lovely book which gives Pagan correspondences for Archangels; his theory is that the Pagan deities were actually an Atlantic priesthood for energies which are termed "angelic" in contemporary theological systems.

Therefor, Zadkiel would be conflated with the Atlantic priestess known as Ceres in the Roman system and Isis in the Egyptian system; a very iconic harvest Goddess. Stewart suggests that stones in a turquoise color, for example larimar, may represent Zadkiel. Other gemstones, which may hold a connection to Zadkiel, are suggested as amethyst, clear quartz, diamond, aquamarine, moonstone, opal, tanzanite, topaz (I imagine this would be blue topaz), lapiz lazuli and emerald, which represent Her spiritual ideals.

After the fall of Atlantis, according to Stewart, Zadkiel relocated to the north Mediterranean islands, which may be considered Her present area of influence or power base, and Her physical realm is within the 10th chakra of the cosmic heart, which is located between the heart and throat chakras.

Zadkiel is classified as a divine COMFORTER by Stewart, who describes Her as a merciful and compassionate nurturer, and the scent of sage incense or use of sage smudging may be appropriate to invite Her energies into a space.

Another resource lists several ways in which Zadkiel is powerful, adept or talented, and I also have a third resource I have not yet explored (so will not include; however it has even more info):

Talented healer of painful memories from the past, also healer of illness and/or exhaustion, strongly understands the realities of the present, able move from the present into the future to bring prosperity to specific ventures.


I feel this research appears to represent a surprisingly accurate analysis of what we see in the public image of HRH Duchess of Sussex!

Her public image clearly shows her as extremely being an charismatic woman who is charming enough to get her way, regardless of what her inner motivations may or may not be.

She first achieved fame through writing a letter, after which a major corporation chose to change their advertising strategy.

She has chosen a role of comforter in Prince Harry's life; to overcome his past sadness regarding his mother.

I had not done this research before, for HRH, yet it's quite a bit easier than calculating the angles, trines, squares, oppositions, planets and so forth of astrological research...and it appears to be pretty much on the mark...at least in this instance.

This same type of Nosce Te Ipsum research, which obviously requires some time and care to perform, may be reported at an emotional and spiritual level...which I am not doing for this exercise, as it has less to do with public image, and I actually have other things to do today.

I sense this type of research is of great value...for a new mother...or actually for anybody who knows the birth date and birth time of any person of interest.

Looking into important dates may be equally valuable: national holidays, for example, or something more personal like the date of a job interview, a wedding or wedding anniversary, or selecting an auspicious date for a rite of passage like renewal of vows.


Gallery of Magick publications:

Archangels of Magick by Damon Brand
The 72 Angels of Power by Damon Brand
The 72 Sigils of Power by Zanna Blaise
Demons of Magick by Gordon Winterfield

The Angels of Atlantis by Stewart Pearce

Las Cartas De Los Angeles De La Cabala by Uriel

Your Special Compendium of Divine Formulas by Maria Duval





Reiki of Money

Who couldn't use a little extra boost in the financial department?

So what is Reiki? Perhaps you've heard the Chinese word "chi" or "qi"; a life force energy which is featured in the practices of Feng Shui and Qigong. The teachings of Usui Reiki originated in Japan, where "Ki" may be defined (as compared to to "chi" and "qi") as an Intention to Allow the Flow of Energy, and "Rei" as Spiritual or Sacred. Reiki, then, is a Japanese word for an Intention to Allow a Sacred or Spiritual Flow of Energy.

According to the legend, Mikao Usui, the founder of the Usui Reiki, desired to know how the masters of antiquity performed miraculous healing through their hands, without becoming tired or exhausting their personal energy. Usui went on a shamanistic journey for many years, studied ancient symbols, climbed a mountain, fasted, and finally reached enlightenment. Usui received the gift of energetic healing and knowledge of how to teach others this system.

And what is Reiki of Money? We see that Reiki is an intention to allow a sacred or spiritual flow of energy. Energy, as current, flows for electric lights and appliances to work. Currency, as money, flows in an activity of giving and receiving. To give, someone must receive. To receive, someone must give. This creates a flow of the energy of money. Reiki of Money, then, is the Intention to Allow a Sacred or Spiritual Flow of the Energy of Money.

Reiki of Money is based on a system created by Stephanie Brail*. You may scroll down to experience her Empowerment of Money Freedom attunement to see if you enjoy this form of energetic currency flow. In combination with the techniques provided within Usui Reiki, the Reiki of Money may be received as a distance treatment by proxy through your photograph that you provide.

Distance treatments may also be received by proxy through your name and/or your written request regarding money on a piece of paper. This piece of paper is placed inside a special box, which has been activated with a special blend of Reiki energies, and into which Usui Reiki and Reiki of Money treatments are sent regularly. The piece of paper with your name may stay inside the Reiki of Money box for up to a month.

If you wish to receive a Reiki of Money distance treatment from me, purchase through the paypal button on the right sidebar of this website. Please remember to send a recent photograph, your name and/or your written request regarding money along with your payment.

Reiki of Money is provided for entertainment purposes.

Purchase through the paypal button at sidebar to the right.

Metaphysical, intuitive and tarot consultations, including and not necessarily limited to reiki treatments, teachings and attunements, are provided for entertainment purposes. E. Sylvia does not diagnose, prescribe, or treat any medical condition. You must be 18 years of age or older. No refunds.


What is Ki? - Japanology
( japanology . org/2016/05/what-is-ki )
Qi - Wikipedia
( en.wikipedia . org/wiki/Qi )
Mikao Usui - Wikipedia
( en.wikipedia . org/wiki/Mikao_Usui )

*Enjoy this Free Attunement
by Stephanie Brail and
Elemental Chi Institute School of Holistic Healing

Empowerment of Money Freedom

The Empowerment of Money Freedom is a free attunement, which is performed by you via self-attunement (see below for instructions). No personal attunements or certificates are provided with the free attunement. Thank you!

We live in times where collective money fears permeate the air. These negative energies can affect us personally, especially when we are struggling or dealing with financial stress.

The purpose of the Empowerment of Money Freedom is to help unplug from collective and personal fears surrounding money. By releasing fear, we are better able to connect to spirit and follow our inner guidance, which can enable us to handle our money situation in a more productive way.

How to Receive the Attunement

Attunements can be sent over distance and time, so this attunement is there for you, ready to receive it whenever it is most convenient. To receive the attunement, set aside approximately 30-45 minutes for meditation, and simply ask your higher self to receive the Empowerment of Money Freedom attunement. You may choose to enhance your experience using candles, essential oils, or anything else that creates a sacred space for you.

It is a good idea to drink some water after an attunement, and to take it easy for the next day to allow the energies to settle.

*NOTE: Please respect the copyright of this manual. You are welcome to freely give out the manual AS-IS without modification. If you want to rewrite the manual in your own words, that is also fine. Feel free to expand upon this system as you feel guided. Please give proper credit, that is all. Thank you.

Small, Portable Stuff from Sage Goddess

I briefly interrupt my series of vacation-theme blog posts to share an amazing gift package, which was purchased with holiday money left over from last year. Many thanks to the giver of the gift money, as well as to Sage Goddess, who included some nice surprises.

Sage Goddess

Vacation: Let's Visit Tintagel Castle!

This is part of a new series of blog posts about travelling on vacation....starting with places I have actually visited before...and looking into fun things to do, places to stay, and, of course, souvenirs!

A quick note before we begin:

Please remember to come back and click through the advertising banners and links you see in my blog posts when you choose to make a purchase. That's how I get credit or money to help support my blog. You will also find banner links of my affiliate advertising partners at the right side bar for your convenience. (scroll down) The shops and services I select to partner with generally have good to excellent online reviews. Although I haven't made personal purchases with all of my partners yet, when I do I'll share my honest opinions with you.

If you have an experience you'd like to share or a suggestion to make, post a comment below, and come back to my website often. I'll be posting more material soon!

Now...back to vacation!

If you missed my previous posts in this series, here are the links:
Part I Ocean Liner to the UK: Pet Friendly
Part II Cruises: Pets and MOOCs
Part III Cross Country: Cars and Crystals
Part IV Port of Southampton UK: Cars and Tours
Part V Southampton UK: Vegan and Pet Friendly

As you know if you read my previous articles, my dream vacation has been to take my dogs for a walk at Stonehenge. Because I live in California, this scenario has taken quite a bit of strategy on my part to find a way to get to the destination. The strategies were covered in my previous blog posts, in which I virtually arrived at the Port of Southampton, did some sightseeing and found a place to stay.

Join | English Heritage
I have recently started a new job, so I don't have quite as much time to write extensive blog posts as I've have in the past. What I've chosen to do, instead, is to share cool, vacation and travel-related stuff I notice on my partners' websites.

Because I haven't necessarily purchased everything I write about, this blog post is not always going to be about my personal experiences.

What I will do for you, is share the things I feel may be particularly interesting, helpful or fun for a vacation, based on what I am most attracted to at the time I write.

Before I delve into this blog post, though, I must mention that dog friendly does imply some sorts of protocol, and rules which are probably welcomed by other members of the public.

Join | English Heritage
For example, dogs should be well behaved, and restrained on a short leash (for example, a six foot leash may be preferable to a long, retractable leash).

Some people are allergic to pets, and won't appreciate having a strange dog, no matter how cute or friendly s/he is, jumping up on them or putting muddy paws all over their clothing.

Others are frightened of larger dogs, and I must include myself among these. Ironically, since the writing of this dog-friendly series, an incident with a medium sized poodle in my own neighborhood has made me a bit wary of  medium sized pets as well. It also put a temporary damper on my typing and blogging activities.

No matter how well a pet is trained, I believe that it's imperative to have pets on leash at all times when other members of the public are around. I'm not the biggest fan of unsupervised, off-leash activities, especially when medium to large sized dogs are around kids and smaller pets.

Join | English Heritage

Today I am featuring Tintagel Castle as a dog-friendly outing for friendly dog owners; a very magical place I have visited before. According to the English Heritage website, Tintagel Castle is among numerous dog-friendly places to visit.

Tintagel, legendary home of legendary King Arthur is (or was, when I was last there) a castle in ruins. The castle site is overgrown with all sorts of lush grassy areas which make the setting something like a wonderful park.

The setting, overlooking the ocean, is absolutely spectacular.
Join | English Heritage

If Tintagel Castle is anything like it was when I was there, all sorts of people who cater to the tourists may be present, with various sorts of characters and entertainment.

People who enjoy taking their friendly dogs, safely restrained on leashes, might be most welcome.

Comments, please?

To be continued...


Historic UK: Heritage accommodation in castles, cottages and historic hotels
www . historic-uk . com

The rules about taking your dog on public transport - Saga
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