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LED Rebates for So Cal Edison Business Customers

Some time ago, I affiliated with

Advanced Energy Solutions

to help business owners on So Cal Edison to get a rebate on LEDs for their commercial properties.

This sounded like a really great opportunity, and it is...for businesses that use screw-in style bulbs. You can replace your screw-in style bulbs with LEDs for a fraction of the cost of purchasing them new. The thing is, though, if your business uses those fluorescent tubes, like most offices do, then there's not a replacement program for them. Not to my knowledge anyway.

I did find someone who had screw-in style bulbs, and got them some plain LED bulbs for the cost of sales tax. Different styles of screw-in bulbs have different prices; some cost a few dollars, and then of course the sales tax. They were very pleased with the value they received for the price, so my feeling is, this is probably a good program for businesses on So Cal Edison that have the type of bulbs that screw in. It's not for new construction; it's for existing businesses to convert over.

I'm not sure how long the program will last. I haven't been in touch with the company for maybe a year or two. If I remember the situation, you need to have your So Cal Edison business billing so the paperwork can be filled out. If this sounds like a program you'd be interested in, and you have the right kind of bulbs, a business location that uses energy from So Cal Edison, and a desire for LED rebates, go ahead and contact me.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

GeoSearch Seo Services Representative


If you have a website, or a web presence, chances are you've heard of SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. The theory is: the higher your page ranking, the more likely someone is to see you online, and that may equal more business for you.

Personally, I haven't tried GeoSearch Seo Services on my websites, so I can't vouch for how well it works, and what the return on your investment might be. I can say that they seem to be very nice people, and let me talk my way into the representative opportunity just because they were being nice.

Have a look around their website, read the online reviews, and make your own decision. I'm told that I would make a nice commission and residual income on any sales, and I'd like to see how this opportunity pays, so if you think you want this anyway you can contact me.

Trucker's Voice in Court

California Marketing Associate  

If you're a truck driver, chances are you've heard of Trucker's Voice in Court, or TVC Pro-Driver, as it's sometimes called.

I'm not a truck driver, so I can't vouch for the services personally, and I've heard mixed reviews from the professionals out there. Some have said it's the greatest thing, helped them a lot with a court case, got the points off their record. Others say, if you're getting tickets you shouldn't be a truck driver, keep the roads safe. Then again, there's the ones who felt it was a waste of time; the attorney didn't show up, or didn't help or whatever.

As a marketing associate, I can say that the company has been fair, and that I make a really nice commission the first month a truck driver signs up. After about 10 months or so, if the membership stays active, I make a small residual for each account. So, if you're a truck driver, and you've been thinking about signing up in California, contact me to sign up for TVC.

Business & Projects Consultations

Schedule interactive online screen Sessions & Lessons

Chat Online & Telephone

My clients usually choose VOIP chat consultations, and phone consultations are also available. Both types of VOIP consultations are charged as a per-minute payment through Click 4 Advisor by SPG Solutions.

If you are new to VOIP phone/chat, you can click here to sign up with Click 4 Advisor (prodca.click4talk.com/c4a/usignup_page.php).

Business and projects consultations are for general information and are not a substitute for contract documents. Information discussed is not intended to result in built projects nor modifications to built projects. Please refer to E Sylvia Credentials for current licensing information. You must be 18 years of age or older. No refunds.

Scroll Down and Press a Click 4 Advisor button for VOIP Phone and Chat Consultations ------->

Interactive Screen Lessons

Available through TakeLessons, these are designed for students; however, the platform offers videocam and screensharing, and supports weekly consultations in a learning format. I have not done this type of consultation yet; however, I'm excited about the platform and looking forward to working with it.

According to TakeLessons:

All you need for interactive online screen sessions and lessons is a reliable internet connection, a webcam, and a microphone. Sessions and lessons are scheduled as an ongoing series of appointments, which usually take place online once a week, and allow the student and teacher to see and interact with each other in real time. Lessons are charged on a flat fee for up to an hour per person, through takelessons.

If you are new to interactive online sessions, you can click here to go to the takelessons profile (takelessons.com/profile/sylvia_s). From the profile page, select the subject at the drop down on the upper right hand side. Click the green Continue button. You will be prompted to sign up to view the lesson packages, all at the takelessons website.