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Find * Found Cute Puppy Dog Solstice "Grrr"
Solstice, nickname "Grrr"

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Cute Puppy Dog  

Find * Found Cute Puppy Dog Solstice "Grrr"Find * Found Cute Puppy Dog Solstice "Grrr"Find * Found Cute Puppy Dog Solstice "Grrr"

When you find this little dog, please contact me.
You can also call my associate Maria the Curandera in Los Angeles,
or just drop by and say you know where is my dog.
Maria is the nice Curandera near the Weinerschnitzel Restaurant.
(North Fig north of 4600)

You can even send an email to, I am there sometimes.

Soltice "Grrr's" Little Mommy
Soltice "Grrr's" Little Mommy
He is a good dog,
I rescued his mother in 2007,
she lived a long, happy, safe, life until she was a very old lady.

His brother is safe and he is okay,
our home moved to San Bernardino County
all our dogs are welcome in our SBC home:)

brothers "Wolf" and "Grrr"
brothers "Wolf" and "Grrr"

We also have a new dog since 2016, she is from the shelter.
Her name is Angelicka, and we love her,
so we know how it is if you have someone's dog.
If you have my dog, and you love him a lot, just let us visit,
we will make a decision together, what is best for everyone.

Shelter Dog "Angelicka"
Shelter Dog "Angelicka"

  On Tuesday, November 6, 2007
this little dog was in my yard across the street from Sycamore Grove Park
4600 Block North Figueroa, Los Angeles city, 90065.
Please use the internet contact information on this website
because I relocated to a new address and phone number since 2009.

Miniature longhair dachshund (fluffy weener dog)
Light reddish-blond fur with black tips
Weight around 10 pounds
Very cute but shy around kids
Was wearing a collar and id tag with phone number and address.
Responded to his nickname “Grrr”

AKC name is listed as ” Fairwinds Solstice MSR FN “
Birthdate June 24, 2003
(June 24 was the festival day of the Goddess Fors Fortuna
from the ancient Roman calendar)