Legal Service Plans

California Legal Shield (formerly Prepaid Legal) Representative

I joined Prepaid Legal back in 2000, and I feel it's an excellent service for legal advice. If you need an attorney to actually represent you in court, they can get you a discount, but I feel having attorney representation is a little expensive even with the discount. If I need some advice, an opinion, a legal interpretation for a short document or contract, this service has been indispensable. I might make a little money if you join through me, so if you're thinking about signing up in California, you can contact me and I'll see what we need to do to get you into one of the plans.

Trucker’s Voice in Court California Marketing Associate  

If you're a truck driver, chances are you've heard of Trucker's Voice in Court, or TVC Pro-Driver, as it's sometimes called.

I'm not a truck driver, so I can't vouch for the services personally, and I've heard mixed reviews from the professionals out there. Some have said it's the greatest thing, helped them a lot with a court case, got the points off their record. Others say, if you're getting tickets you shouldn't be a truck driver, keep the roads safe. Then again, there's the ones who felt it was a waste of time; the attorney didn't show up, or didn't help or whatever.

As a marketing associate, I can say that the company has been fair, and that I make a really nice commission the first month a truck driver signs up. After about 10 months or so, if the membership stays active, I make a small residual for each account. So, if you're a truck driver, and you've been thinking about signing up in California, contact me to sign up for this.