Sunset on Middle Earth

I used to write tons of poetry in ancient times...high school. Many of my poems were published in "Colts Tale", the literary annual of Wooster High School in Reno, Nevada, which was a "big deal" to the time!

As the daughter of world-travelling parents, my high school education had begun on North Island, New Zealand, and continued in South Island before returning to USA for the final two years and high school graduation. Needless to say, the cultural influences were wonderful, mind-opening, and just confusing enough to be fascinating to a wide-eyed teenager.

This poem was influenced by the "Lord of the Rings" book trilogy; however, it was not chosen for publication at the time, because it didn't reach the general high school audience of that era. I hope you enjoy the rhythm and rhyme of a young poet:

Sunset on Middle Earth

The moon shone over darkened sea,
Faint moonbeams on the sandy shore.
Merry, Pippin and Sam Gamgee
Were thinking of the times of yore...

Long ago in Lothlorien,
Where Galadriel was silent, seen
In woods of old, in forest glen,
Lothlorien was fresh and green.

The evil then was hid', unfelt,
While Sauron's bloody forces grew.
The ring, which long ago was smelt -
Its power grew, its evil too.

When, on a long and dange'rous quest,
Was thrown into the cracks of doom,
And Frodo, to the shire to rest,
To rest until he met his tomb.

But coming to the shire he saw
That things were different, changed somehow,
And knew that they'd been changed by war,
That things were different then from now.

Lothlorian was dying swift,
The third age had arrived and gone.
So on the sea at last they drift,
To Havens Grey, and now as one.

E. Simpson

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