Nosce Ipsum: Know Thyself

I would like to provide a complimentary "Nosce Ipsum Research Report" for three people. I need your help, to determine the marketability of providing this as a service, and to give me an idea about pricing it.

What is a "Nosce Ipsum Research Report"?

"Nosce Ipsum" is a traditional term which means "know thyself"; easily found in an online search. One way in which we know ourselves is by our birth dates. Most of us know our own astrological sun signs, based on our birth dates, and it can be entertaining to look up our horoscopes online and in newspapers.

The Kabbalah, a mystical interpretation of the bible, lists 72 Guardian Angels based on our birth dates, as well as 72 Daemons. Whether or not we agree with what has been attributed to our birth dates, wouldn't it be nice to know? The "Nosce Ipsum Research Report" is for entertainment purposes.

Mikhail Vrubel (1856-1910) - "Demon and angel with Tamara's soul". Illustration to Lermontov's poem "Demon" Wikimedia Commons Images public domain
Demon and Angel with Tamara's Soul
Illustration by Mikhail Vrubel
United States public domain image
courtesy of Wikimedia

The Angels

Some years ago I was sent charts where I could look up Guardian Angels based on a birth date and birth time. Not being an Angelologist (although I am sometimes known as an Architect) I learned that three different types of guardian angels were assigned; on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. General information about Guardian Angels is easy to find online, each having an assigned number and name that appears consistently.

Guardian Angels, according to numerous resources, work under the direction of Archangels; in much the same way as a business, in which middle management works under corporate management. Guardian Angels also have attributes, somewhat like astrological sun signs do. Each is associated with a planet, calendar dates, an element (earth, air, fire, or water), and so forth. Guardian angels also have "powers"; things the guardian angel is particularly talented in or helpful with.

For a number of years I've looked up the names of the three types of Guardian Angels for dozens of people, with very positive reviews. Because the attributes, "powers", planets, elements, etc. of Guardian Angels are very consistent in online research, I did not feel it was either necessary or helpful for me to provide anything more than the name of the Angel. Looking up positive attributes, and applying them, can be a very personal experience; one that I feel is more fun for someone to find for themselves.

The Daemons

On a different topic, a working with daemons came my direction last year. Not knowing anything about daemons, I was hesitant to look into it before researching a bit about daemons and what they are.

Daemons, despite being numbered consistently, come from a variety of sources. Some are former Guardian Angels, some are deities from Egyptian antiquity, and some don't have a clear source. Daemons are a mixed lot, and with "powers" that range from beneficial to dangerous. Their descriptions are also quite confusing; often nonsensical and appearing in archaic language,

Like it or not, in the same way as Guardian Angels are assigned, so are daemons assigned to birth dates (and, ostensibly, birth times). Their names and numbers are surprisingly consistent, match the numbers of their assigned angels, and may easily be found online.

According to my research, daemons exist within the Angelic hierarchy; on a worker level...below the middle management level of the guardian angel level...and each guardian angel manages a "worker" daemon. Apparently, the daemons come with legions of their own as well; however, information regarding the individual legion members seems to be scarce.

Fearing the worst, I took a look at the "powers" of my own physical daemon, in the spirit of "Nosce Ipsum", the title of this blog post. I was surprised to see "powers" that appeared to be quite helpful, as far as career, which has been a concern of mine for quite some time now.

Although I'm not clear on how to use this information, I do feel it's good to know what has been assigned through the ages, on an Angelic or daemonic level, to a particular birth date. It might also be nice to know whether the "powers" seem to be more on the helpful side, or shifting toward a more dangerous side.

"Nosce Ipsum Research Report"

I plan to do a "Nosce Ipsum Research Report" for my own Angelic and daemoic hierarchy, based on my own birth date and birth time. In the research, I plan to include:

  1. The Archangels in "corporate management" above each of the three birth-date-assigned Guardian Angels, and any other pertinent information such as the choir s/he manages, and day of the week
  2. The names and numbers of the three Guardian Angels in "middle management" (Physical, Emotional and Spiritual), and any other pertinent information such as "powers", planetary, astrological, and important dates
  3. The names and numbers of the three birth-date-assigned daemon "workers", under the direction of the three Guardian Angels in "middle management" (Physical, Emotional and Spiritual), and any other pertinent information such as "powers", and their origin (if known)

In exchange for your story about how or whether this knowledge was helpful, I would like to do a similar "Nosce Ipsum Research Report" for the first three people who contact me with their
  1. Month, day and time of birth (I don't need to know the year of birth)
  2. Agreement to rate (up to five stars) and write a review of their "Nosce Ipsum Research Report"
  3. Permission to share their rating and written review in this blog.

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