Angelite Gemstone Plate!

I now have an angelite plate to assist in channeling higher vibrations. Angelite is a natural crystal that is believed to attract calming, higher energies.

According to The Crystal Vaults, Angelite's metaphysical properties assist in solidifying temporary situations. This may be an asset for people who desire stability on a current job, or energies to recognize and remember reaching an important goal.

This angelite beauty was found at a local rock and mining shop in the High Desert, along with a wonderful assortment of smaller stones I have placed in a crystal grid before empowering it with Reiki symbols.

The angelite plate is set into a crystal grid in a star hexagram pattern during the waxing gibbous moon, and will stay in a grid during the full moon and afterwards for total of twelve days to symbolize every month of the year.

At the end of the twelve days, in time for monthly distance sessions, the angelite plate will be empowered with the traditional Usui Reiki symbols. It will then be ready to represent the attraction of higher energies.

Gemstone grid with Angelite plate, Hematite, Clear Quartz, Aventurine and Citrine

The hexagram star is a two-dimensional representation of the merkaba symbol of balance. Hematite, a grounding and protective stone associated with magnetic energies, is placed around the angelite in this pattern to balance higher energies with the earth plane.

Next, clear quartz is placed at the three points beyond the hematite, in a pyramidal triangular pattern, for stability, security and balance. Clear quartz is a powerful crystal that has traditionally been used in everyday objects like radios and watches. Its presence in the grid is to empower its use for the higher good.

Aventurine is placed at two points to the upper left and the upper right. Aventurine is a green stone that represents gentle growth and prosperity, and is believed to balance energies on all levels, to promote confidence and leadership qualities.

Citrine, a stone of wealth, is placed at the lowest point in the grid, forming an inverted triangle with the two aventurine above. An inverted triangle may symbolize a cup to be filled or a funnel of receiving. Citrine is a stone that has a valuable and unique quality that transmutes negative energy.


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Crystal Vaults Angelite Egg
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Peace of 2000

It was a beautiful day, one spring day in 2000. I was living in the only two-story rental house on a street in Santa Ana, and some of the neighbor girls clambered up the rickety wooden stairs and played on the porch. From that view, it seemed you could see for miles. Whatever a mile is to a little girl. Three, four, five houses or more, all the way down the street. Bird's eye view.

I didn't notice at first, that I had some visitors on the porch, and it really didn't matter that they had chosen my second story view to enact whatever scene they were playing at the time. The community had neighborhood watch, and what with all the professional housewives on the scene, I was pretty sure someone had a clue where the kids could be found. As for me, I kept to myself.

Single white girl in a Latino neighborhood, and living in the tallest house on the block. For one of the last peaceful periods in the lives of many of us, my status as a respected neighbor was secure. Someone kept a rooster, who gave the alert when it was time to wake up. We all woke up together, regardless of who was on what shift. It was just that kind of neighborhood. Nice. Safe. Pleasant.

I didn't notice the doll until nearly dark. One of the neighbor girls must have left her. Little baby doll, wrapped up in a striped brown blanket, tan skin and eyes that close when she lay down. I felt sure the girl would miss her. But, in the afternoon's adventure, would she remember where she left her? Surely, I did not know how to return the doll, and it was getting dark. I chose to bring her inside.

Silly, I thought at the time. It's a doll. A child's toy. Plastic, fabric and made in a factory no doubt. Not an expensive doll, but what child cares the price of her toys? I felt strange, me who was adult enough to have my own house, bringing a child's baby doll in out of the darkness. What would it matter to a toy? A toy has no soul, no real life. Maybe I should have left it on the porch, to be found tomorrow.

But the little girl did not return. Did she forget her doll? Did she forget where she had been? Was she upset when she returned to her own home and realized the doll was gone? I had no clue where she lived, nor did I know who might have a clue. Although most of the families had English speakers in the home, the houses were secure behind tall wrought iron fences, with large dogs in the yards.

I never had a baby doll as a child. My mother did not particularly believe in such things. A girl should pursue her own interests; women can have careers these days. We don't need to be attached to a baby when we're only just out of babyhood ourselves, as little girls. I, the serious-minded child, wanted to be a paleontologist. My toys were dinosaurs, model kits, and shrink-and-grow devices.

A baby doll? Not in my mother's house, no not mine. The first baby doll I ever touched, in my entire life, was that little girl's toy, left on my porch in the Spring of 2000. Maybe I should have taken it to my Latina neighbor's house. She had a little girl. Maybe she would know who lost it. Or, perhaps, best to leave it as is. Why alert the mothers in the neighborhood when there was no safety issue at all?

Not having much experience with little girls (except the little girl within me) nor with mothers, families and their kids toys, I just decided to let the doll stay inside my house until I heard more. And, actually, I never did hear more. Maybe the girl got another baby doll. Maybe she decided to play with other toys. Who knows? Maybe she wanted a career when she grew up; to have a job like I did.

I'll never know. Because she never came back to play on my porch. The baby doll I rescued from one night in the dark never left my home. Somehow, when it was time to move to another rental, the doll got packed in a box with the rest of my stuff. I had help packing. I don't remember packing her myself, and when I unpacked my boxes, there she was. Just like when she was left on my porch.

I wasn't on the same street anymore. I was not in a house either. I was in a sweet little apartment with a yard, some dirt, and a hose bib. A place where I could let my dog play, grow a garden, and have some privacy. Me, my dog, my stuff...and some little girl's baby doll. A doll that she, apparently, thought so little of that she left her on a stranger's porch. And not just any stranger. A white girl.

At this point, the doll couldn't be returned to the old neighborhood. If I didn't know who to talk to then, I sure didn't know now. Although, sometimes, I still drive through those streets in that part of town. It still feels just as nice, just as safe, just as much like I'm a lighter shade of the same families that lived there for so many years. And why not? Am I not a little girl's future child's Godmother?

Today I noticed that I've had that baby doll for 18 years. She's not a little girl anymore. She's a woman in her twenties. I'll bet she's a beauty and married to someone who loves her. She probably has a little girl of her own. Maybe a few of them. I wish her well, despite that I didn't ever have kids myself. Because, actually, in a spiritual sense I guess I did have a kid. A little girl. Someone to love.

Why I'm Willing to Give Reiki of Money the Benefit of the doubt.

Recently I added Reiki of Money to the metaphysical services I offer clients. I offer services to clients from a distance, and also practice it in person for myself and my own use.

Wednesday, the mid-point of the week, has been my preferred day to perform Reiki of Money. Traditionally, it's the day of Mercury; an ancient mythological Roman deity associated with commerce, communication, business contracts, and healing. I particularly enjoy performing Reiki of Money alongside traditional Usui Reiki because of the Usui technique's built-in ethics, which appear to help the reputation of the practice.

This week, as usual, I performed Wednesday Reiki of Money practice. I awoke the next morning, and checked my Thursday emails. I was alerted to a new transaction with some stocks that I had purchased a few years ago, and which I had been trying to get rid off since 2016. I checked into the trading website, and sure enough all my unwanted stocks had sold.

It was one of those rare moments of business ecstasy. YESSSSS!!! I cheered. I celebrated. I was walking on air for a few hours on Thursday. It was a Thursday to remember. A Thursday of Thursdays.

It was the Thursday that VBIO's penny stock rose to over $2.00 a share, and I was finally rid of them. Gone. History. I posted on facebook, I cheered on my Reiki of Money clients. And I wondered maybe, just maybe, this Reiki of Money thing might actually work in the real world. I still offer metaphysical services as entertainment, but what if?

Why was I so glad to get rid of VBIO stock this week? It's not because I made a lot of money. I made a little money, sure. I didn't sell at a loss, which was my final decision.

I never actually bought VBIO stocks. I invested in STVF. Stevia First was a company which supported the miraculous, zero-calorie naturally sweet plant.

Why didn't I invest in VBIO, a company involved in cannabinoids? I didn't invest in that because I'm not "into" cannabinoids. I don't even smoke pot. I am one of those rare individuals who don't like marijuana. I honesty don't. Even the people I used to know, who smoked pot at the time, would tell you the same. I don't smoke anything.

So how did I acquire over 1000 shares of VBIO?

It's because, believe it or not, I invested in STVF; a company dedicated to the growing of the stevia plant and making it marketable to companies that use sugar. At some point in time, shares went down to 30 cents each. So I bought a ton of them, thinking it was so cool at the time.

unfortunately, things changed soon thereafter

STVF decided not to support stevia production anymore, and changed its stock symbol to VBIO.

It also changed the complete concept of the company from stevia production, and using the processes the company learned from stevia production to...yep, you guessed it...supporting that boring, over-talked-about, not-to-mention still federally illegal "Mary Jane".

Do you feel that sinking feeling? I know I did...when I tried to get more STVF stock and found that my online investment company no longer recognized the stock symbol. Instead, the online dashboard showed I owned over 1000 shares of VBIO. I didn't know what was going on.

Maybe STVF sent around an email...and you know how company emails sometimes wind up in spam. Maybe they didn't send out an email until later. I don't know how to prove whether regular stockholders like me were consulted. Anyway, I didn't have actual knowledge of the proposed change in time to get my money out before it happened.

After searching around online to determine what was going on, I saw something on the company website stating that the stock holders had approved it.

At first I thought, okay, I guess it's above my usual. I don't really have a huge say in what corporations decide. And then I realized...hey, I'm a stock holder. I didn't approve anything like this. I felt tricked into supporting a company that was lying to me...and to all the other stockholders who, like me, weren't asked for approval in advance.

So, there I was, stuck with over 1000 shares of VBIO. I wanted to support stevia production...and I can't stand marijuana.

I was, truly, glad the stocks went up to $2 a share for a day. I don't care whether the stocks skyrocket or whether they tank at this point. I don't want to make millions on pot. I do have my standards.

I'm just glad I'm out of it. And a little money ahead. Not much. Just a little.

Now I have 33 shares of Ford stock. Sure, I'd rather support stevia production than an automobile company, but I do drive occasionally. Ford shares were at a really low price, and I like my Ford Focus. It's a very reliable car. Yes, I know it's not a "green" solution. But, seriously, pot-minded corporations are enough to turn me off green. At least for one day.

No forward-looking statements included in the above. Just my experiences and my opinions as a home-based amateur investor.


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