Architecture & Metaphysics

Author of p.s. Fortuna: Praises and Supplications For the Goddess 

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Self-initiated into the mysteries of architecture and metaphysics at the age of eleven, through the portal of an historic library building and the power of a natural mineral spring in Manitou Springs, Colorado (USA), E. Sylvia is licensed as an Architect in California and Washington State, with online metaphysical certifications through the World Metaphysical Association.

Architecture for Buildings

In addition to her Architectural credentials, E. Sylvia has completed a Bachelor degree in Architecture from University of Maryland College Park (USA). She also served an eight year internship to learn the skills required to practice as a professional.

E. Sylvia has experience working with teams of designers for residential, commercial, and institutional structures, as well as sites, landscaping and interiors. She has also experienced collaborative ventures with construction companies for cost estimating, sales and marketing.

Metaphysics for People and Pets

Over a decade in time, E. Sylvia taught herself to read the tarot as a hobby. She received many years of metaphysical instruction through numerous teachers and organizations, and views metaphysics as an extension of spirituality. E. Sylvia has provided online metaphysical consultations since 2012.

In response to issues involving people and pets, E. Sylvia became ordained with the Church of Spiritual Humanism and ULC. She has performed as ministerial Wedding and Funeral clergy for clients in Southern California, where she lives.


E. Sylvia has taken several Website coding courses offered by University of London (UK) through Coursera. Although she was not physically on campus, she learned that the campus resembles the legendary Hogwarts School in architectural style.

E. Sylvia has created several WordPress and Joomla websites, after having assembled several websites with kits. She considers herself to neither be a career coder nor any sort of computer type of architect. After having explored computer science, she has designed and built several websites and blogs in various ways.

At this time, E. Sylvia prefers coordinating her content with kits, managed hosting, carefully selected third party tools and public domain material while focusing on content and presentation of the visual aspects of the website.