Architect California Architects Board (22740) and State of Washington (12122) USA
(not licensed as a State of Washington business)
Life, Accident and Health Producer California Department of Insurance (0K33501) USA


National Association of Professional Women NAPW, USA, Member


City of Los Angeles USA, Professional/Occupations Tax Registration Certificate

Wolf Mandala with Certificates

Metaphysics & Ordinations


p.s. Fortuna: Praises and Supplications For the Goddess 2017


Registered Metaphysician RM WMA The World Metaphysical Association (June 22 2012) USA
Ordained Ministerial Clergy, Universal Life Church ULC (May 27 2013) USA and Church of Spiritual Humanism (34727) USA


Temple of Fortuna dot com, USA, Founder & President since 2009


Reiki Master (July 12 2018), Reiki Masters Healing Light Academy, UK
Reiki of Money: Money Reiki Practitioner (June 27, 2018) Reiki Masters Healing Light Academy, UK
Certified Professional Intuitive Consultant (August 6, 2013) WMA, USA
Honorary Dr. of Metaphysics (May 27, 2013) Universal Life Church (ULC), USA
Tarot Master Consultant (June 22, 2012) WMA, USA
High Priestess of Wicca (October 20, 2012) Magicka School, Italy


The Order of Bards Ovates and Druids OBOD, UK, member since 2018
Seax-Wica, USA, Tree dedicant since 2017
House of Neteru, UK, Temple of Nephthys member since 2017
The World Metaphysical Association WMA, USA, chartered member since 2013
The Fellowship of Isis, Ireland, member since 2012
Magicka School, Italy, member since 2009

Former Professional, Metaphysical & Entertainment Licenses and Affiliations

California Department of Real Estate, USA, salesperson 01398004 (former licensee, exp. date 11/03/15)

International Association of Professional Writers and Editors IAPWE, USA (former professional level member)
National Association of Women in Construction NAWIC, USA (former member)
American Institute of Architects AIA, USA (former member at architect, associate levels; former elected board of directors representative)

City of San Bernardino Miscellaneous Trades Business License 949794, California, USA (former licensee)
County of San Bernardino Solicitor Business License COB 15-023, California, USA (former licensee)
County of San Bernardino Fortune Teller Business License COB 14-028, California, USA (former licensee; the County removed licensing requirement for this business)

Nova Roma, USA (former citizen, Qvindecennalia Ludi Novi Romani participant, Certamen Historicum MMDCCLXVI first place competitor)
Goddess Temple of Orange County, USA (former votress & former priestess, circles of the earth and sun 2004 to 2014)
Correllian Nativist Tradition CNT, USA, former Non-Ordained Clergy 101~4503

City of Costa Mesa Live Model License, California, USA (former licensee)
International Federation of Musicians AFL/CIO USA Union (former member)